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For both oven and fry applications

Cracker meal or flour is used as a predust.
Several granulations or combinations can be
used to prepare your products' surface, or to
provide texture.
Undercoat Batters
High starch adhesion batters are used
as an undercoat. These undercoat batters
or "milkwash" bind outer layers of coating to
your product. The viscosity or thickness of
these batters can be adjusted to give the
desired pickup.
Flavored Batters
Cohesion batters, when used with breadcrumbs,
deliver a moist and crunchy product. Current
flavors include Cajun, Ranch, Parmesan, Garlic
& Herb, Beer Batter, Buffalo, Taco, Southwestern,
Italian, and Lemon Pepper.
Tempura batters produce a crisp, light and airy
cover. Tempuras are formulated to minimize oil
pick up and reduce greasiness associated with
battered products.
Cracker Meal Breadings
Cracker meal breadings can be used alone or
blended with other types of crumb to produce
the desired "crunch" for your products.
Other Items
Our blending operations can produce many
other mixes including pancake, biscuit, hush
puppy, or your custom blended formula.
Fish Fillets
Fish Tacos
Fish Patty
Fish GreenBeans
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